3 Reasons America Owns the World, and Why That’s Bad

Though ‘owns’ may not be the best word, America has the capability to determine the fate of the world to a large degree. This can be seen a few key issues.

The Right Wing

Ever since Trump took office, America has received a president who has created an ecosystem where far-right wing people have emerged. These right wing people are characterized as those who, above all else, promote nationalism, and discourage foreigners. However, adding a “far right” means that they would do it to the extent where these people view their call to nationalism more important than rights for all humans. In the words of Human Rights Watch Executive Director Kenneth Roth:

“the past should serve as our guide… leaders who have claimed insight into the will of the majority have gone on to crush the individual who stands in their way.” He continues, stating that “we should never underestimate the tendency of demagogues who sacrifice the rights of others in our name.”

Donald Trump was the populist president, someone who was voted with the aim of excluding the foreigner, separating the outsider, and alienating the not-America. From his travel ban to his “America First” policy, President Donald Trump has had populism written all over him. Unfortunately (in my opinion), this has translated throughout the world. With the close election of Macron in France over Marine Le Pen, another right wing party, we thought we stopped populism in Europe. Unfortunately, we were mistaken. Macron as Prime Minister (PM) has signed into office a vague anti-terrorism bill two years after the tragic Paris attacks. This bill offers security forces such as the policy unchecked power in terms of search-and-seizure, anonymous wiretapping, and a vague definition of when those measures are allowed. Moreover, this right wing nationalism, which first gained momentum, has also traveled to Germany. And though Ms. Merkel has been able to keep them in bay, her parliament couldn’t. Stemmed by America, Right Wing Nationalism and Populism has engulfed the world.

North Korea

This one is relatively self-explanatory. President Trump’s actions on North Korea not only impact North Korean relations, but Chinese, Russian, Japanese, and South Korea relations as well. His desire to prod the bear with a stick (or twitter) can spill disaster, and the world now seemingly rests on the tip of his thumbs, literally. In this way, President Trump holds vast power over the way the situation in North Korea will be handled. I would very much prefer if my life was in the hands of someone more qualified, let alone the fingers of our trigger-happy president.

Climate Change

As America now proudly being the only country to sign the Paris Climate Agreement (sarcastic, of course) we’ve set the stage for how lazy, uncaring, and self-centered our government is. U.S. is responsible for a vast amount of the emission released into the atmosphere. And though corporations like Apple and Microsoft have taken pledges to reduce their own, there is no end in sight for the perpetuation that the government has endorsed. After 3 successive storms that claimed too many lives, our government still does not believe or want to admit that climate change is a problem, instead choosing to save two obsolete jobs in coal mining. And though this is probably offensive towards those whose lives depend on that income, from what I’ve read online, Mr. Trump hasn’t been doing the coal industry much favor anyways. Moreover, it’s the responsibility of the world’s most powerful man to combat the world’s single greatest threat. I would rather see the government increase taxes to move our energy into the energy that meets tomorrow’s needs, rather than decrease our taxes, double our military budget, and then run into a debt we know we can’t get rid of. Our inability as a nation to collectively fight climate change spells disaster for the rest of the world. Clearly, America’s actions will literally cost the world.

There are probably more important issues as well, but these three are the reason I feel why America has control, or rather owns, the world.

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