Tips for a more active workday at office

A regular workday in office means loads of paperwork, hours of staring at the computer, and extended periods of sitting in your chair. In short, your workday is partly responsible for the sedentary lifestyle you lead and may be the cause of those nagging backaches and body pains. The key to keeping such problems at bay is to lead an active lifestyle. There are several ways by which you can keep yourself a little more active in your office. Remember, even a little physical exercise can play a significant role in minimising the ill-effects of a desk-bound job. Here are some tips to make the best use of your office space for a more active workday –


A set of simple stretches will keep your heart rate normal and your body limber and loose.

Walk and talk

Use each phone call as an opportunity to walk around. This will help you move without looking like you are exercising and considering the number of phone calls regularly received by most office goers, this little exercise will surely burn some calories.

Take the stairs

Take the stairs while going down and coming back from lunch. It takes a bit of motivation to start this, but once there, you will get used to it.

ProTip: If you don’t want to let your colleagues know, pretend you are on a phone call, and so you have to walk up the flight of stairs.


A few walking lunges at intervals will help tone your muscles.

Wall sits

It is for those who have your own office. The wall sit is an incredible exercise and a great way to work on the lower part of the body. Take the time out to care for your body.

Sports meet ups

Team up with your colleagues before or after work hours and go for a game of football or badminton. This will seriously help in building office team dynamics and trust, besides boosting your health.

Featherlite Furniture has an interesting video where it shows how racing chairs inside the office is a fun way of keeping yourself active. Ergonomically designed high-back chairs and tables also go a long way in ensuring that the long hours at your desk does not negatively impact your health. To check out the video, click here —

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