Crazy times: get in the groove (Part 2)

One of the first lessons I ever learnt during this last month was how to prioritize things. When you’re running a startup, you’re at the rookie level. That means you’re bound to make tons of mistakes in identifying what matters and what doesn’t. Pretty much what I fell for too. I learnt this at a price as well. So our initial goal was to do a lot of calls and get in touch with prospective customers, and at the same time the website needed a lot of editing and we had a lot of back-end work before even proceeding to finalize a deal. It was chaos. I came under a lot of pressure and cracked down a few times too, but the beauty of this profession is that it grows into you and makes you something extraordinary. In my case, it was my unwillingness to give up at any cost.

I met a grand total of 15 prospective clients in 2 weeks, and made about 100 or so calls within that period. Hoping for a miracle, I kept clinging on to wishes that at least one of them would revert back with an order, but no one did. So one day, I was in my office googling stuff and randomly typed the words “content writing” and was astonished to see the results I got. Upto page 10, it was filled with plenty of companies and opportunities, which made me realize the power of a PROCESS IN PLACE. It is what I handle right now at my company as well, as the Operations Head of WiseWordsPro Digital Solutions. From that moment on, I started to analyze my whole life and in a flash, I found out so many defects in my everyday life that made me realize that I was more focused on my problems above anything else… which is WRONG!

The idea that I followed when it came to solving problems was prioritizing what mattered most- quite the conventional rule of time management. And then when you fail despite following this golden rule, people say this- “You never really had the right priorities!” But over some serious psychoanalyzing, I have come to a conclusion that there is noting about saving time for something else when it came to prioritizing. All prioritizing does is shoot up something on the bottom of your bucket-list to the top of it. So, you’re really gaining nothing. When I state that we must have a process in place, I mean significant things must be done in a significant way. Significance is basically about how much something matters over the long term.

Instead of the question, “What is the most important thing that I can do today?” , the question must be: “What is the thing that I can do today, that’ll benefit me tomorrow? So that way, time invested in today to do that, will save me time tomorrow.”

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