Varun, yeah I can totally relate to some of the experiences that you have cited.
Abhishek Sinha

Wow I’m really sorry to hear what you’ve been through. Such things can traumatise any entrepreneur. But then an entrepreneur must be a tough nut and has to be remain put on his vision.

Anyway, seeing how knowledgable you are, I have an offer for you. Would you consider the position of being a guest blogger to my website

Let me give you a brief insight. I have authored a book named miracle-preneuring that sees entrepreneurship as a state of mind. Your experiences can prove a fruitful read to people, as such I would like it if you became a part of this movement.

Seeing your expertise in the field, I am positive that you have had a ton of these experiences- so definitely your story has got to be inspiring. If it’s okay with you, then I would also like to feature a blog about you and showcase you as a “miracle-preneur”

I hope you do give a thought to both of what I’ve mentioned, and as always, looking forward to your reply!

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