Hi Varun,
Abhishek Sinha

You’re right Abhishek. It really has to stop. People call themselves entrepreneurs but are conmen essentially. The funny part is that once I had to get a WordPress site done, and one hero charged me 25K on the face. Ironic how HTML sites are also around the same price, despite being much more complex

To make things worse, freelancers on fiverr etc are even worse. Wasted a month on a guy I hired. The chap came up with dozens of reasons everyday for not showing up to work. So it started like this- one day his friend died, three days later there was a power outage that lasted another 4 days, and then the most outrageous reason he gave following this was that his car and laptop both got stolen.

I was left speechless, thinking how unfortunate could a person get, and was having a good laugh seeing his actions! Hahaha

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