My Drone Story

(Image blatantly copied from Google! Don't kill me please)

(First timer here, grammar Nazi's please spare me)


I have never cursed Mumbai this much until i got myself a shiny new DJI Phantom 3 drone. For those under the rock — Drones are quad-copters with camera to shoot amazing aerial footage and take decent pictures from up above (Like you’ve seen in 3 idiots but much better!).

Now, the timeline.

First week with my drone : F**k yeah i am ahead of the curve, i can now show off my drone’s awesome footage on FB and twitter and get 1000 likes and million followers (obviously i was delusional).

Second week : F**k me i cannot fly in Mumbai as there are literally no open spaces close by where i stay. My office is located at Malad so there are some empty plots around. One evening i just casually strolled inside and found myself running for my life after a wild dog chased me. Second plot — no luck as the security guard refused me to even enter. He said “Sir, Raheja ka property hai, andar jana mana hai”. Dude i am not a terrorist — i just want to fly this damn thing once!

Now i am in a fix, i bloody bought this expensive piece of gadgetry and it is sitting idle in the box in which it came.

Third Week : Enough is enough i am going to lonavala and flying this thing. I did some research and found a decent forest lodge at Durshet. Reached there and first thing i did was take out my drone and fly it. And fly i did!! I took some amazing footage and pics of dry barren lands and lifeless mountains :| I instantly realized that Lonavala/Durshet are beautiful only around monsoon time.

Anyways my lust for flying was now complete and i was happy as a kid who clears the level 1 of Mario without dying (bad example, i know).

Fourth Week (Current week) : Only one flight till now?? No way. I need to find places in Mumbai where i can fly my drone.


I even went to Aksa beach but cops turned me away. Oh btw, flying drones in Mumbai is banned apparently. People get paranoid when they see a thing with camera flying over their heads. One uncle asked — “ye UFO hai kya” (Literally threw up in my mouth).

So to sum up — If you want to enjoy flying drone then Mumbai is not the place. I am planning to visit my hometown Udaipur next week. Will definitely fly it around touristic spots. Also Bali is on the cards in June. so yeah, i ‘m excited!

For a hobby its good but it comes with a price and location. I want to give a shout to DJI for making such an amazing piece of gadget. Flying is an addiction and these people know what they are doing.

Bye for now!