1. Summary of what the presenting team said about the application that you think is most important.

Application summary:

  1. Fastjobs is essentially a job portal with an emphasis on connecting part-time job seekers.
  2. Most often, part-time job seekers are students (about 1%) of the population hence, Fastjobs attempts to target this group.

UI/UX Critique

  1. Fastjobs does one job (connect employee & employers) and does this neatly with a simple and effective UI
  2. Clear signs on how to express interest for users (employees mostly)
Clear and Highlighted Option to Apply for the Job
  1. Fastjobs has a poor sorting feature. …

I passed on this module last year in the hope that I can take it when I’m more technically adept and can handle the workload better.

But conversations with several seniors have led me to think that:

  1. 3216 is really good at pushing students to pick up new technologies on the go and
  2. 3216 is one of the most time consuming module in SoC and nothing is really going to prepare me for the workload.

Technical ability and time management concerns out of the way, I looked for finding learning objectives for me to work on, and I feel strongly…

Varun Patro

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