CS3216 Assignment 2 Critique: Fastjobs

  1. Summary of what the presenting team said about the application that you think is most important.

Application summary:

  1. Fastjobs is essentially a job portal with an emphasis on connecting part-time job seekers.
  2. Most often, part-time job seekers are students (about 1%) of the population hence, Fastjobs attempts to target this group.

UI/UX Critique

The good:

  1. Fastjobs does one job (connect employee & employers) and does this neatly with a simple and effective UI
  2. Clear signs on how to express interest for users (employees mostly)
Clear and Highlighted Option to Apply for the Job

The bad:

  1. Fastjobs has a poor sorting feature. Jobs are sorted in the order they were posted as opposed to the most relevant or popular jobs.
  2. Currently, not possible to cancel a job once a user expresses interest. This is a huge drawback because after a user obtains a job, he would not want to be messaged by other employers.
Evidence of job applied but no cancel option.
  1. No review or voting system in place for employees to obtain feedback on the job quality. Such a system doesn’t exists for employers too (but this is less important due to fewer number of employers).

Comments on Fastjobs:

  1. Fastjobs is a networked application, hence to become successful, fastjobs needs to have a good number of employers before users can find their service useful. Fastjobs seems to be doing good in this regard as they appear to have on boarded many employers (full time and part time).
  2. Fastjobs appears to have a really clean interface that focuses on just listing the jobs available. It makes the process of job application really straightforward (just 2 clicks).
  3. The listings are neatly presented with minimal but useful info at the first glance. For e.g. logo, time requirement, pay rate etc. Providing location information is also very convenient for the user to decide whether he wants to filter out the listing in the first glance.
  4. Fastjobs makes it convenient to track interesting jobs, apply for jobs and, track job applications that you have applied. I think these three make it easy for users to focus on their objective of getting a job.
  5. Although Fastjobs has a good UI/UX to deliver their service, I believe it lacks fundamentally in a core issue: listing relevant jobs. Sorting by creation date is simply insufficient for users to find meaningful jobs as they spend longer times looking at many other jobs. Having a review or a rating system will make it a lot easier for users to find relevant and high quality employers.
  6. The problem Fastjobs is attempting to solve is nothing new — many job applications have existed in the past and still exist today. But to differentiate themselves and get ahead, Fastjobs needs to focus on (1) getting the relevant information across fast and (2) making the process of applying and tracking jobs simple. Which I believe it largely does as opposed to a lot more complex service like JobStreet and GumTree.
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