A simple, yet effective, way to overcome your problems.

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Puzzles are fun.

But problems? Meh. The word itself often makes me want to curl into a ball.

Our problems are often at the forefront of our minds, our conversations, and our relationships. How we deal with, think about, and approach them is obviously important.

If we can start to introduce a more pleasant, creative relationship with our problems, our lives can change like that.

The simple solution: start treating your problems like puzzles

Problems are no fun and, often times, even have a constrictive quality to them.

I encourage you to consider what happens when you think of a…

Today’s action to live an inspired life.

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Our lives are lived, one moment at a time.

All hopes, dreams, fears, loves… are lived and lost in an instant.

Directed action can enable us to live a life of intention, presence, and fulfillment. We can fully feel these emotions, sensations, and events, all of which make our experience here so beautiful…by doing just one thing at a time.

This series is intended to support just that: encouraging actions that root us in the moment, bring us back into our bodies, and allow us to live more authentically.

One simple action, taken today, that helps us remember who and…

A guide to positively re-wiring the mind.

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“The questions your ask yourself will shape your life.”

-Jim Kwik

Interested in watching this instead of reading it? Check out the mini-series.

What are your big questions?

The questions we ask ourselves, and the ones that we don’t, are foundational to how we live. And, if you think about it, our thoughts are mostly a compilation of questions being asked and answered.


Much of what we think is a question-based whirlwind of high velocity consciousness, often with no discernible point or function (and which is therefore quite difficult to make sense of).

The frequency with which these questions…

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Routines can, in many ways, take the wonder from present moment. They can make what is inherently wacky and beautiful seem…anything but.

Whether it’s a job, a conversation, or a commute, much of what has become automatic makes us lose sight of the fact that the moment is all that we have —we can die at any moment.

BUT, and there is a “but” here, the right kind of routines can be our saviors— helping us cultivate sustainable presence and joy in our lives. …

And live better.

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Many of us have come to think of productivity narrowly, often associating the term with some sort of output, implying the need to always be doing.

Given that productivity has become central to our (often subconscious) assessments of what makes a “successful” person, I’ve found it to be a term worth unpacking. Understanding how this limits our belief systems and actions can lead us to become more mindful, joyous humans—I’d call that worthwhile!

Conventional understandings of productivity are unquestionably, and unsurprisingly, influenced by others — this often leads us to not-so-subtly operate from a group-think mindset, assuming that what’s ‘productive’…

Presence isn’t only accessible through action.

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I’ve always been a do-er. So much so that it often seems as though I can’t do enough.

It looks like a lot if-then’s… “if I do this, then I can be this way…”

and a lot of once’s: “once I do this, once x happens, then I can relax, or be happy, or fulfilled, or content, or present…”

This disposition can be attributed as learned behavior, something that’s supported by a look at the average 21st Century human…it’s also a function of my archetype, my astrological make-up, Ayurvedic constitution, genetic code, and most every ideology that I employ for…

Acknowledging progress to live with more pride and compassion.

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Everyday, I witness people doing extraordinary things.

Whether an astonishing athletic achievement, written work, or act of mindfulness, I deeply appreciate what the people I’m admiring often see as normal — a view that, at times, comes at the cost of personal pride and compassion for others.

It’s easy to forget the role we’ve played in developing the skills, mindsets, and creations that we’ve brought into the world, glossing over our hard work and writing achievements off to circumstance and luck…while it’s important to remember that we wouldn’t be where we are without these things, it’s equally necessary to recall…

The perils of categorizing our days.

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“Hey, how was your day?”


It’s a dangerous game, one that we play quite often, to categorize our days as being one thing or another.

This practice has become rather normalized within the context of cultural small talk —“how are you today?” is one of the most frequently encountered daily questions.

Our responses are often automated, and we’re quick to describe our experience of an entire day with just one word — usually something along the lines of “good” or “bad”.

The premise of this observation is simple, but worth unpacking: we are essentially categorizing a compilation of moments…

A daily exercise to live a better life.

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“If you struggle with putting things into perspective, just ask yourself two simple questions: What’s the worst thing that could happen as a result of this? Will this matter in five years? Your answers should put a stop to cataclysmic thinking.”

~Travis Bradberry

It’s no secret that when we reflect on past problems, equipped with the time and space to do so more objectively, we don’t tend to react in the same harsh ways (with pain, fear, doubt, etc.).

When encountering problems, whether they be in our work, our relationships, or our physical bodies, many of us are well versed…

When there are A LOT to choose from.

Photo by Caju Gomes

Today, mindfulness, physical health, energetic hygiene and other practices that support our wellbeing are being explored more than ever before, creating an inspiring movement towards living more authentically.

But when faced with information-overload and so many ideologies, traditions, and paths for self-development, it quickly becomes difficult to make sense of how and what we can sustainably implement in our lives. Juggling work, families, and the obligations inherent to our humanity makes it impossible to incorporate everything out there in a pragmatic way.

A lot of us are equipped with a monstrously large bag of self-development tools, techniques, and practices. …

Varun Penamatsa

Helper, seeker, student. Explorer of health and the human condition. Curious about everything. ❤️ mindful-humans.com

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