I think what touches me so much about that idea is that I know now better than ever the forces of heart and intuition. They’ll lead you to do things that don’t seem rational. They’ll make you pass up opportunities a rational person would take. They’ll make you take risks that don’t make sense at the time. They’ll lead you to scary places. They’ll make you question your own sanity.
I’ve been a self-employed independent creator for 10 years. I don’t recommend it.
David Kadavy

These are not words, these are emotions. Following your intuition is not black and white as most people would think. It’s messy and thank you for saying that. At every step your rational self starts asking ‘what is it that you are doing?’ ‘This is pointless' ‘this won’t lead you anywhere’ but I guess you got to pull through these doubts and fears you have and some imposed on you by others.

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