Which Is The Perfect Social Media Platform For Your Business?

In recent times brands and businesses are trying to harness the power of Social Media Marketing to interact with their customers and build a loyal fan base. This helps them increase their brand awareness and attract new customers. The first and key step most people struggle with is to choose correct platform to interact with your target audience.

Through this post I will try to make this task easy for you by highlighting the key perks of using a particular network and helping you decide which network suits your brand. So lets get started!

1. Facebook

Facebook is still the most popular platform with about 1.19 billion and counting users worldwide and with those most evenly distributed demographics compared to the rest.

Key Advantages

Although Facebook is not the best tool for sales generation, it can boost brand awareness.It can also help you target customers through the Facebook Advertising Tool — as it helps you filter not only by demographics but other details such as job and other personal details that can help you get the right customers.


Be aware that there are less usage of Facebook amongst teens especially when parents or adults started using it too hence, if you want to target teen customers, you may want to focus on Instagram or Snapchat as this is a more popular platform for them.

Should you be using Facebook?

Any type of business should have a Facebook Page since they are still the most widely-used platform; it can increase sales indirectly through brand awareness and customer engagements. You can increase Facebook likes by having a contest, available downloadable coupons, and Facebook ads and even ‘Like’ buttons on blogs and websites.

There are a number of companies that could help you maintain you facebook page and grow your audience if you don’t wish to spend time doing it yourself.

2. LinkedIn

Coming in second as the most popular platform is LinkedIn — it is a ‘professional social network’ because it is where professionals and businesses-alike join and engage.

Key Advantages

With 38% of users with an income of more than $75k and 79% of its age group are 35 and older, making it a perfect platform for working successful adults.


Despite the popularity, only about 13% of its users login daily and are active — most users only login when seeking professional opportunities, advice, network and business partners hence it is not a platform where users check on religiously compared to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and that could mean this is not the best platform for businesses but can help companies get the best people they want to work with.

Should you be using LinkedIn?

All individual professionals involved in the business and businesses that offer professional services should have a profile set up but less effort can be devoted to LinkedIn, just ensure your info is always up-to-date. It is best for freelancers, bloggers and designers to show credibility. In my opinion, businesses should spend more time on revenue-generating platforms.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is the third most popular social media platform, with 21% of adults in the US are using it and 84% of those are female. It is interesting to note that Pinterest has the second highest percentage of internet users in the 50,000+/year income bracket.

Key Advantages

Due to the above statistic , Pinterest provides the best ROI for businesses that fit its demographic base with 70% of its users, use the platform to look for inspiration on what to buy compared to other platforms such as Facebook. It is perfect for e-commerce because each pin from users given to your post means free marketing or advertisement and could lead them to visit your page or website.


Pinterest has most of its users situated in the US and so it does not have a global reach like facebook or twitter. It caters to a very specific audience and could help your business only if your business caters to that audience.

Should you be using Pinterest?

Do-It-Yourself stores, crafts, home-hardware, fashion, photographers and jewellers are the best type of businesses or entrepreneurs who can leverage on Pinterest — as you can see; they are leaning towards female interests since Pinterest is a female-dominated platform.

4. Twitter

It is surprising to know that despite Twitter’s popularity — they only come in fourth in terms of usage with only 18% of adults in US are using it. However, Twitter users log in more frequently compared to other platforms.

Key Advantages

Users tend to follow celebrities, brands and other users to get to know the latest and be up-to-date on what’s going on. They also do it to join contests, get exclusive discounts and offers so remember that Twitter is a good platform to give your offers a push.


Maintaining brand image on twitter could be a difficult task due to the ease of posting and interacting on twitter and brands have to be very careful and quick to address user complains or it could hurt the brand severely.

Should you be using Twitter?

Twitter is obviously for businesses in the news industry including publications, marketing companies and sports-related businesses and the reason behind that is Twitter is usually the go-to platform for the latest and hottest updates currently hence if your business works that way, Twitter is the best platform for you to reach your target audience and customers.

5. Instagram

Coming in fifth is Instagram but despite this, they have the second-most devoted users, with 56% of users logging in daily which is 11% higher than Twitter and only 6% behind Facebook. The demographics of Instagram are composed of only 17% adults but with 43% in the age of 18–29.

Key Advantages

Instagram is a relatively new social network with most of its users being under the age of 30 however it is one of the fastest growing networks and took almost half the to reach 100 Million users compared to facebook. It is also a highly addictive network with high user engagement.


Instagram focuses more on users than business so it is vital to come up with creative ways to market your products to attract a seizable audience. Content marketing generally works well with Instagram.

Should you be using Instagram?

Businesses in the Food and Fashion industry can benefit well in using Instagram, as well as, architecture, designers and technology business. Keep in mind that businesses that are targeting the 18–29 age-demographic should also use Instagram as one of their main platforms to promote their business.

6. Google+

Google+ users are 67% male and the majority of that percentage is in the technical engineering fields with the average age of 28. Although the platform has over 500+ million users, only over 300 million are active and a chunk of it is logged in because of YouTube.

Key Advantages

Google+ is best for sharing content because it has features like Google Hangout which allows video conferencing, Circles and Communities for easy sharing that makes brand awareness and content marketing simple. Google+ is not generally seen as a marketing tool however it is vital when it comes to search engine optimizations and can really improve the traffic to your sites.

I will be writing a separate post on Google+ to highlight different ways to optimize your Google+ pages and improving your website ranking on Google.


Most posts on Google+ are the formal and professional kind of posts which could intimidate some small business owners initially. Many stay away from this platform thinking it is only for high-tech companies and startups.

Should you be using Google+?

Businesses in the tech and engineering field and even marketing companies can benefit using Google+, keep in mind that Google+ is used mainly by male professionals. All businesses where is SEO is crucial in acquiring customers. As well all know Android, Mashable and Chrome are the top three brands currently dominating Google+ with Android the largest.

7. YouTube

YouTube is known to be the largest video-sharing social network with over 6 billion hours of video watched on a monthly basis; with that, we can see that there is an opportunity for your business to reach audiences.

Key Advantages

Although YouTube’s demographics are of every age bracket — it still leans toward the young ones. YouTube has an average of about 18–34 adult users. Social video in today’s world is an effective way for businesses to connect with their audience. YouTube is also the second largest search engine and is owned by google so it is easy to maintain it using your google account.


Many people are afraid of coming in front of the camera and so don’t wish to use video as a mode of communication. Many also think that making a video and editing is expensive and time consuming however these things can be easily outsourced from places like Fiverr.

Should you be using YouTube?

All businesses that are visually driven can benefit from YouTube especially those with products/services targeting the customers in 18–34 age-demographic, this is because you can take advantage of the fact that it is free and it allows users to watch your videos and engage with you and others by liking, commenting and sharing it with their friends.


So this was a general description of the various options out there and I hope this post helps you to get started. I will be adding a link below to another post that can help you get started so check it out. Remember that if Social Media is not your strong point you can hire people to do the work for you from places like Fiverr or even Agencies to help you grow you business efficiently.

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