Why I Started Blogging in the first place and You Should Do it Too

Hey, friends! I feel like sharing my story about how I got into blogging business. As most people see blogging as a full-time job, I saw blogging as a way to express everything that was inside me. It was like a stress buster for me. After a tiring day of work, I use to go and sit down at a silent place somewhere in my house and starts pouring my thoughts on the pages of my personal diary. That is how my blogging started. Isn’t blogging is just writing?.

“Blogging is just writing — writing using a particularly efficient type of publishing technology.”

I was perfectly content writing my thoughts into my diary but a day came when something inside me wanted to come out shouting. I suddenly felt the importance of telling the world what is inside me, thus, I started blogging. Like most of the people, I started my first blog on blogspot. I did not had any definite topic of interest back then. I use to write random stuff on the web about my life. This was when life started shifting gears for me.

Start of my blogging career

My blogging career started when I first purchased the domain name (http://www.varunshrivastava.in) and a cheap hosting service. I was a noob back then. The main intent behind starting a website was to create an online presence to attract potential clients. I’m a web developer. I coded each and every single module of the website using PHP. The last module that I took was a blogging module for my website and I started putting my blogs out there. People started liking it and my blog started growing. I acquired enormous knowledge in the process of creating my own blog and promoting it. If you want to read more about it then read the About Section of the website.

As I was a sole developer of my blog, I was responsible for each and every single stuff that goes in the making of the blog. There are two most important thing that I learned from my blogging experience that I tell my clients.

  1. Blogging is itself an industry. It is not just about writing and publishing posts, it is about building a community.
  2. The sooner you start the better.

I thought what if I had started a website before when I was in school. Then there would have been a lot more opportunity for me to grow. There are a lot of millionaires around us who started their blogging career around 2010 and fast forward 6 years, they have become renowned entrepreneur. Read about the successful bloggers and how they earned money blogging.

Blogging has taught me a lot of things other than writing articles. It has taught me SEO, Digital Marketing, Networking, Collaboration, Purpose and a lot more. Currently, I have more than 1000 followers on BMA with more than 6000 monthly views. This has been made possible just with that one decision — I want to own a blog. The motive was never to make money but to put out something useful on the internet that would help others find solution to their problems.

I’m happy that everyday I wake up, I see growth on my blog. It motivates me to further improve on my skills and talents to come up with more useful information for BMA subscribers and followers and everyone who needs it. I have faced many ups and down in less than a year of my blogging journey and I must tell you that those ups are because of the slight downs that I had in this time. In my entire blogging journey, I have learned one most important thing, that is -

“The Social Media is fairly new. The authority and buzz that you can build through social media is just at its beginning stage. All you need is a different perspective. A perspective to see where the things are going instead of where they have been.”

Where to Start?

I’m sure you would want to start your own blog pretty soon. And if that is the case, then you have to look no further, click here and leave your feedback. I or someone from my team will contact you personally.

If you are looking to buy a domain or webhosting then I have some resources available for you.

I know you are motivated. Take a step to start your own blog now. If you have any suggestion/advice/doubt then please comment below.

Here’s a poster that I made for you all. If you want, you can take a print out of it and paste it on your wall, door or anywhere you like. Simply, pin this poster to your Pinterest board to share it with everyone else.

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