Execution is Everything

I’m not one to write my thoughts or share them outside of a one on one conversation with my coworkers or family. But, I really think this needs to be said. Startups are not for everyone, they are hard fucking work and it takes putting in ridiculous amounts of hours to get them going and continuing to run. Its not always rainbows and unicorns but thats okay, the amount of skills and knowledge you gain is worth any of the down moments.

Here are a few rules that I follow that have lead me down a path of success and hopefully, will continue to do so.

  • Execute

Stop talking about doing something and just do it. If you are making noise and not delivering, thats a problem. A lot of people can talk the talk but not walk the walk. Keep your self focused on delivering and you will be surprised on how much and how quickly you can get anything done.

  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

Being comfortable means you are moving at the same pace and not growing. If you are comfortable, you will find yourself slipping into bad habits and not challenging yourself. Look at it like this, if you take on a new task at work, something not in your wheelhouse, its an opportunity for you to learn while getting paid for it. How awesome would have it been if you got paid to show up to school? Just keep that thought in your mind and you will always look to take on more work and learn new things.

  • Always be humble and check your ego at the door

Don’t always look for yourself to be in the limelight. I know its lame to say, but there is no I in team. Its people like our engineers, marketing and sales team that end up doing the dirty work and those are the ones that should be highest on the pedestal. Its our job as leadership to ensure we are successful and making the right decisions, but at the end of the day, its the people in the trenches that are doing most of the leg work and they deserve the credit more than anybody else.

Team Industry
  • Put in the hours and lead by example

Its our job to lead by example by putting in the extra hours and working whenever necessary. If you want comfortability by leaving at 6, working an 8 hour work day and weekends off, don’t waste you or your peers time and go work somewhere else. Its down right disrespectful and no matter how talented you are, if you don’t work hard, its never going to work.

  • Move fast, but not too fast

Always move as fast as you can. But don’t sacrifice quality for speed as it will come back to bite you in the ass. It’s important to take your time planning but one you start implementing, you can put the pedal to the metal.

  • Treat your investors the way you want to be treated

There is a tremendous sense of respect you need to have towards your investors. If you don’t look at them as giving you that chance to take your life and the ones closest to you to the next level, you are ignorant. These people trust you with their money and time and want nothing but success for you, so treat them the same way. If they ask for something, do it, you want them to be happy.

  • Ask for help

Between your advisors, investors, friends and family, there is so many people rooting for you to win. So if they have an expertise or a connection to someone who does in an area that you may be struggling with, ask them. It doesn’t hurt you and who knows, it may lead to the big breakthrough that you needed.

  • Have Fun

If you don’t have fun, then you will find yourself burning out. That balance of work and play is essential if you want to be at the top of your game. Go out to dinner with your team, have a beer or two or three on Fridays or even take the team on a company trip. Whatever you do, just find some time to connect on something other then work. You will find yourself reenergized and even might stumble on a cool new idea.

Startups are simple, follow these rules and you will find yourself not only moving your business forward, but taking your own skillsets and network to the next level. Stop talking about doing something and start to execute. After all, its everything!

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