Top 7 reasons to volunteer in Nepal and in India for teaching program

Nepal is a small country which is located near the Himalayas. This country has suffered in a big way due to the two deadly earthquakes in 2015. Due to this there was an urgent need for volunteering in Nepal. This is done to provide support in order to make this beautiful place once again suitable for living.

The good thing is that since then this country has been able to recover in a great way and things have become normal as they used to be. But there are many sections which still require support from volunteers.

Moreover you get to see frequent earthquakes in Nepal which enhances the scope of volunteering in Nepal.

The people in Nepal are very friendly and simple which gives you one more good reason to volunteer in this beautiful country.

Moreover you get see many ancient and magnificent pieces of architecture in this country. It is a great feeling when you are able to help and support someone who needs you the most.

Here we will discuss about the top 7 reasons to volunteer in India and in Nepal for teaching program.

1. Education

It is a great feeling to provide education to the underprivileged children which also improves the community. If you are a student and going for a volunteering program in India then it is a golden chance for you to know the education system of a different country.

Moreover the fact is that India is a popular tourist destination and if these children get a chance to learn English it can be of great help to them. They can certainly have a good future.

2. You can share knowledge

You should know the importance of knowledge and education to lead a balanced life.

Education is a process where you learn with the help of books and lectures while knowledge is an informal process where you get education with the help of reading and consulting.

This conveys a strong message that besides giving education to these children you should also share knowledge with them.

3. Great career benefits

The main reason that students in their gap year take up volunteering is to make their resume more valuable than their peers.

If you volunteer abroad you are more likely to be hired by a good company or may also admission in a good university.

The best part of this volunteering program is that you are not required to qualified teacher.

Moreover you get good international work experience in return and an un parallel chance to promote your career.

4. Get to experience the great Himalayas

This is perhaps the main highlights of the things which you would like to do in Nepal and in India while volunteering. You can see the Himalayas and lush green hills all over this country.

This country has the maximum number of tallest mountains in the world which tells you about the fantastic number of options for you to explore. You can go to small trips during the weekends and enjoy nature at its best.

5. Make friends from all over the world

You may be alone in an unknown land when you start volunteering but by the time you leave you will have a long list of friends from all over the world.

When you volunteer in this country there are also other people that are volunteering for the same reason as yours. It is quite obvious that during your stay at this place you not only work but also travel, eat and stay together. You all become one family away from your respective home. You will make friends with local staff and children.

6. Learn your lessons while you teach

If you go for volunteering abroad it helps both the parties. It not only helps the under privileged but it also helps the volunteers. The same thing is there when you come to Nepal for volunteering.

Obviously it is the kids who are the students but as a gap traveller you also get to learn something. The language, lifestyle, dishes, markets and religious beliefs are some of the things which you get to learn during your trip to Nepal.

7. Reasonable and affordable gap year travel option

Nepal and India is a developing country which is still struggling a lot. It economy is still budding which results in huge benefits for the tourists coming to this country.

As a matter of fact volunteering abroad is one of the best options for trips within your budget. As far as Nepal is concerned it gives you a fantastic and affordable option. The best thing about volunteering in Nepal is that your meals, local transport and accommodation are covered in your program fee which makes this trip an affordable option for you. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities in India like red cross and iSpiice. Both these organizations are helping in Nepal and in India.

These are the top 7 reasons to volunteer in Nepal and in India for teaching program. If you are into volunteering you should visit these countries as you will get to know a lot about one of the most humble and honest people on this earth.

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