Essential apps on OSX (to me)

I’ve been using OSX for a couple of years since moving from Linux. Having used a lot of apps and discarding as many if not more, I’m currently using these apps on my system.

This whole post may be silly, but I found some great apps from lists like this.


  • Google Chrome — I love the history sync across devices. Nothing beats this.
  • VLC — Used it on every platform. Same on OSX.
  • Keka — Best archiving/ unarchving tool.


  • Airmail — Best mail client on OSX.
  • Textual — For times when i’m on the awesome IRC channels.
  • Hangouts — Go to video calling app.(Its a chrome extension).
  • Slack — Perfect modern day IRC for fun and work.


  • 1Password — Awesome password manager.
  • Resilio Sync — BitTorrent Sync. Don’t trust Dropbox with my 1Password data.
  • 2Do — Brilliant GTD task manager.
  • Insync — Powerful Google Drive sync.
  • Fantastical 1 — Handy menu bar calendar.
  • Paste 2 — Top notch clipboard manager.
  • Soulver — Interesting calculator.
  • Carbon Copy Cloner — Bootable disk backup. Works 100%.
  • PDF Expert 2 — Put Acrobat to shame.
  • Alfred 3 — Spotlight. What did you say?
  • Magnet — Handy tool for snapping windows to parts of the desktop. Similar to Microsoft Windows.
  • Little Snitch — Extensive Firewall.
  • Popclip — Nifty options on selecting text anywhere.
  • Bartender — Decluttering menu bar on small displays.
  • AppCleaner — Gets rid of junk.
  • Caffeine — Prevents mac from sleeping.
  • uTorrent — I prefer Transmission but it never worked for me.
  • Android File Transfer — Needed for transferring files to Android devices.
  • CCleaner — Popular windows tools, now on OSX.
  • Dukto — Cross platform file transfer
  • MacHider 1 — Hide them precious files.
  • TunnelBear — Easy to use VPN.
  • Flux — For long work hours.
  • Irvue — Wallpapers galore from Unsplash.
  • YNAB4 — Budgeting finances.


  • Steam — Cure for the itch.
  • OpenEmu — Beautiful emulation software.



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