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A few weeks ago, our Bumble — the parent company operating Badoo and Bumble apps — Android team hosted their first Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit. It was great!

Our Android apps are huge: they have over 1.3 million lines of code, over 210 million downloads on the Google Play store and an amazing team of 23 people who develop them. The AMA was a great opportunity for the community to find out more about how we develop.

Andrei, Anton, Arkadii, Ivan, Michael, Nick, Zsolt and I were very excited to have the chance to interact in such…

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I’ve been developing with Kotlin for the past two years, and when I was asked if I’d like to attend KotlinConf 2019 with some of my colleagues, my answer was a great, big Y-E-S!

Having the chance to attend what is one of the best conferences for mobile devs, I really want to share with you all my overall experience, impressions and feedback from the talks that I attended.

There were 4 different tracks of talks so obviously I couldn’t go to them all, so do check out any of the topics that interest you and that are not covered…

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Practically speaking, my colleagues and I often need to test an idea as fast and as simply as possible. There’s no point spending lots of effort on implementation because we know that if an experiment proves unsuccessful, we are going to jettison the code in question.

Here I will be showing you, based on real examples, what our approach is in such circumstances and principles to help you select one solution over another. Analysis of these examples should help you to understand how we think, and especially how shortcuts can sometimes be found that speed up development.

I will explore…

Haskell is an entirely functional and extremely concise language. Anyone who has ever tried to write code in Haskell will notice how much more concise and elegant it is than writing the same thing in an imperative language. In my view you cannot achieve the same results in Java, but Kotlin allows you to make progress in this direction and to try out an entirely functional style for yourself.

You can produce more complex ideas and features, by implementing to your basic function the 3 best-known functions; the ones that people get to know right at the start of studying…

Anatoliy Varyvonchyk

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