And you are entitled to that opinion @Vasana.
Elle Beau

Interestingly, truly paying attention to everything he says will take you past the wound-coloured parts of his teaching. You have pointed out the hypocrisy and irony of this!

Particularly, the ideas he presents about ideological possession apply to himself. I can see he is clearly possessed by certain ideologies! One such ideology which possesses him is the ideology that virtually all ills of this world are committed by ideologues who are possessed by an ideology (Neo-Marxism.) The irony. He also mentions that he pays attention to how his word feel in his body as he says them — when the words make his body feel integrated and aligned, that signifies to him he is expressing the truth or the logos. Through doing the same I can feel my body disagree when he veers into wound-based teaching, particularly about dominance hierarchies.

Someone who really pays attention to what he is saying will be taken past the wound-coloured lens. He gives enough material for people to think and feel critically enough to discredit the more harmful things he says, even though he doesn’t believe those things are harmful.

I have noticed a trajectory to my JP fandom. Initially, unwavering support. I guess this is the result of his combined insightfulness plus the nice feeling of having my wounds rubbed.

Eventually, this gave way to resentment and my total disavowing of his teachings, as the contradiction, hypocrisy and irony of his work became clear. I felt almost cheated, and began to rally against him.

Now I have come around to a point where, partly with the help of practices I learned from him, I can pick and choose what to take on, admiring him for his greater insights but soberly cognizant of his wound-coloured beliefs.

Being truly attentive and applying what he says should in theory take a person through all these steps. I wonder how many people really want to get past step one, though. How many people want to get past the wound-coloured, unwavering support. I see that is where the problem lies.