It’s Normal

You were a whisper
A guide which spoke to me
only through hidden messages
A rope swing which I couldn’t
dismount from until it
had stopped swinging by
it’s own accord — 
through that you whispered:
resist nothing,
let the storms of
the inner world swing
themselves to sleep

Leaving the house,
the flap on my zip has
gotten stuck and now it
only points downwards!
I try without avail to
shove the flap back
to its free-moving state
It’s not until a moments pause
that I see — I have to
rotate the flap in a
particular way to free it 
from the downwards trap
Through that you whispered:
when you try so hard to
fix yourself and it’s 
not working, you’re
trying the wrong way
Pause — 
Study your own predicament like
you studied the shape of 
the hook and the flap on
the zip of your coat

Now you talk,
no longer in whispers but in 
spontaneous body movements 
which find spots of tension I
had no conscious awareness of
I let my fingers move 
where they want to and
uncover pathways of energy
which allow me to
feel my way into the turning
fields of my own sexuality without
ever using my hands
You show me how to move in
ways which dispel toxic energy and
bring the immaterial breeze of 
spirit into the world

I feel energy around 
me as invisible orbs
which I can touch — 
if I feel resistance there
is negative energy and 
if my hands pass through
freely there is spirit;
there is the beautufiul,
immaterial breeze of spirit and
it is here for my 
body to absorb and 
enjoy and to release
into the endless depths of

I no longer inhabit the same world
You have shown me something
much more lucid and intuitive
and mysterious and magical and 
it’s normal

It’s totally normal
It’s all perfect
I am so glad to hear from you
I trust you