The Shadow Kingdom

Demons roam this Earth
They walk inside you and me
Evil is something we harbour
Anxiety is the result of
our futile attempts to
hide from the demons that
walk inside you and me
Together, they form our shadow selves

All in us that we don’t want to realise,
all that we want to forget,
the amalgamation of our 
inner demons becomes our shadow,
and our shadow is akin to
our personal hell

It’s real
Hell is a real place,
and it’s not a single millimetre away
from you or me
It’s here

If you turn towards it,
if you let yourself feel it,
hell begins to shrink
Of course, this requires actually
setting foot into hell itself, which
is of course, terrifying, agonising,
despair-inducing — it’s hellish


You will sob, you may feel
primal fear and total anguish
and scream hoarsely into the sky
But with every wave of fire,
each onslaught of pure, twisted pain,
the borders of hell contract
The population begins to dwindle
The inhabitants of hell are leaving
Where are they going?
What sort of question is that!!!
What matters is they’ve fucked off
and now hell is a smaller place!
Isn’t that enough for you!???
Some people, eh…

When hell shrinks, so too does your shadow,
and when your shadow shrinks, you
will find yourself living less and
less in darkness
Your world will be brighter, lighter,
no longer a reflection of the
shadow kingdom you leave to
grow and grow in the absence of
the light of your consciousness
Hell is real
It is your shadow
It is all in you that you
don’t want to feel
Shadow cannot survive in light,
and you are that light,
you are the light of consciousness,
you just need to let yourself
shine into the shadows and
be brave enough to look
at what the light reveals
You must be brave enough to look
right into the puss-filled, insectoid eyes
of whatever demons appear in
the light

Naturally, you will scream
It would be very weird if
your reaction upon seeing a
demon was to remain calm
As you do this more and more,
as you take on this challenge,
your personal hell will shrink,
and the shadows will begin to
retract from your world,
illuminating you to the beauty that
was always there, covered up by the
shadows in which your demons
roamed and proliferated freely in
the absence of the light of consciousness,
the light of you

You are up to the challenge, 
brave warrior
I urge you to start evicting demons
from their squat kingdom in
the shadows of your own psyche
Those ugly bitches don’t even pay rent