VT LONDHE 03/11/2013


This work of a barrage is located across Hasdeo river in Bilaspur district of MP now Chhattisgarh.The river water was to be fed to the 200 MW thermal power house located near Korba town through Hasdeo Left Bank Canal taking off from this Barrage.


I along with my staff supervised the construction of the barrage construction work and its left training wall.The construction work of the masonry of the left training wall was the first masonry work of my service life.The construction of the cement concrete lining of this around 3km long Hasdeo canal for supply of waters to the 200 MW Thermal Power House at Korba by me was also the first of its kind in the history of Madhya Pradesh.

Special Works

The construction of the cement concrete lining (which is generally very smal approx. 3 to 4 inches) l involved the use of the plate vibrator.One such plate vibrator was made by ou rselves indegeneously by taking a steel trough and welding over it very good steel springs with a steel plate on the top.Over the top steel plate we welded one small electric motor with one very small piece of steel on the axle of the motor. On rotating the motor, it was giving small jerks to the whole trough thereby vibrating the concrete beneath. This full work was completed by us on urgent basis as the water was to be fed to the power house in a tight time schedule.

I had also conducted the survey of the upcoming Bango Dam across Hasdeo River

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