There are 31 major projects in the Narmada Valley out of which 8 projects Upper Narmada, Upper Burhner, Halon,Dhobatoriya now renamed Matiyari, Atariya,are the 5 Irrigation and Raghavpur, Rosra and Basaniya are the 3 Power Projects in the upper reach i.e. U/S of the Bargi Major Major Project


We had the privilege of preparing the detailed project reports of the five projects in the upper Narmada reach of the Narmada valley. Out of these, Raghavpur, Rosra, and Basania were 3 power projects while Halon and Upper Narmada were 2 irrigation projects.We cite here a particular example of the Upper Narmada Project. To start the surveying, we had constructed a small weir made of vertical steel plates across the Narmada river for measurement of the post monsoon flow of water in the river. After completing the full survey we formulated the full detailed project report and through proper channel we submitted the same to the Central Water Commission. They immediately objected to the quantum of post monsoon flow of the river. They stated that this much of post monsoon flow can never be available in the Narmada river as per their available flow records throughout the year. We told them that it is actually available at the site right now and any one can check the same. They immediately arranged for a visit to the site.We showed the site and requested them to verify the post monsoon flow themselves. To their surprise, they found the flow to be exactly the same what we had adopted in our detailed project report. We further explained to them that this is because of the international geological fault in the Narmada river and also brought to their notice that the location of their GD site is not in accordance with the location of the fault. This they agreed to and accepted our post monsoon flow adopted in our detailed project report.

Special Works

In case of the three Power and two irrigation projects we fully prepared the detailed project reports with irrigation and power working tables adopting the moving mean method for the calculation of the silt or sedimentation deposits in the submergence of the projects.

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