Pickpack makes exchanging things between friends easier (www.pickpack.us)

Download Android application here (http://app.pickpack.us)

An entrepreneur based in USA, recently launched a new mobile application that will make it easier to exchange things between friends and family. The app has been specifically designed to exchange items between friends, family and other contacts. The app will help buy, sell, giveaway or rent items that have been deemed unused or of lesser significance to one person but of importance to another.

The app brings in a unique feature of transacting only with your phone contacts and exchange things with them. A bicycle that has been unused for quite a long time could be useful for your niece. All you have to do is pick your phone and send it to whoever you want.

With the innovative app around, you don’t have to throw away unused things. If you have unused items in your house, list them on Pickpack. Who knows one of your relatives might buy it? Along with getting to earn a good amount of money, the app contributes to community service by providing your loved ones with something they were in dire need of. And unlike any other buying selling marketplace, this app gives you the option of giveaway. Just think how many people might be in need of the old treadmill you rarely use.

Pickpack is completely driven by your contacts and makes it easy to transact with them. It is not just easy and useful but also fun going through the stuff people want to sell or buy. More importantly, you need not worry about any fraudulent behavior since you are transacting with your friends and who better to know your friends than you, right?

Pickpack currently operates only in USA and India but is soon expected to venture into other countries as popularity of the app keeps increasing. The app is available on the Apple AppStore as well as Google Play on android, making it easier for users to access. With more and more downloads every day, the app is a game changer in the e-marketplace domain.

About Pickpack

Pickpack was started by a US based couple , while expecting their first child, their friends wanted to giveaway unused baby items. That one little thought combined with hard work and dedication, turned into this successful marketplace app i.e. PickPack.