Why is drinking water from copper vessels healthy for you?

Copper is one of the oldest and healthiest metals in the world. The oldest medicinal science Ayurveda explains that copper has good medicinal values and it helps in the proper metabolic functioning of the body. Many people still follow the practice of storing water in Ayurvedic copper vessels. Using copper as ornaments, jewels and to eat food or drink water from Ayurveda copper vessels is good for electrolyte balance in the body. Thus, it is used to treat many diseases and health issues in an effective manner.

What does Ayurveda say?

Storing water in copper vessels to purify the water is mentioned in ancient texts of Ayurveda. The Ayurveda states that drinking water stored in the Ayurvedic copper mug has the ability to balance all the electrolytes in the human body as the copper charges the water positively. The copper vessels charges the water positively and changes the normal water into therapeutic water.

What happens when water is stored in an Ayurvedic copper mug?

When water is stored in a copper vessel for more than four hours, a small quantity of copper ion gets dissolved in the water. This process destroys all the harmful microbes or fungi present in the water.

The right way to store water in Copper vessels

The most important thing is to buy vessels that are made of pure copper. Some of the common Ayurvedic copper vessels are copper jug and glasses. These days copper water bottles are also available. Once you purchase the copper vessel, wash it and fill it with water. Let the water remain in the vessel from 6 to 8 hours. Then you can use it for drinking purposes. Ayurveda mentions that drinking water stored in the copper vessel as the first thing in the morning can help increase digestion and stimulate the bowel movements in the morning.

Health benefits of drinking water from Copper Utensils

Drinking water from the copper vessels like copper jug and copper water bottles also offers numerous health benefits which are listed below

· Aids in weight loss

· Improves digestion

· Prevents water-born diseases

· Prevents ageing

· Helps in normal functioning of your thyroid gland

· Improves iron absorption and prevents anemia

· Helps in maintaining hemoglobin level

· Helps in maintaining your heart and brain healthy

· Helps in treating the skin condition called Vitiligo

Hope you will find this info useful and do give a thought to drink water stored in copper vessels.

Vasanti Health Tamba Lota