Copper Is Undoubtedly Necessary For Our Health, But In What Amount?

The people of disciplined era in ancient India made sure their body received sufficient amount of copper from the nature itself by making their utensils using it, and by practicing the ages old tradition of drinking water from a tamba lota. It is a known fact that how copper is a trace mineral necessary for our survival, and most importantly, for the absorption of iron. In absence of it, our bodies can be deficit of two elements, copper, and iron.

However, just like our system cannot run in absence of something as crucial as copper, it also can’t function as expected in excess of it. Thus, along with the knowledge of copper’s significance in our healthy being, it is essential to know and understand about the quantity of copper that our system would need and tolerate.

According to various studies, it is concluded that the Recommended Daily Allowance for tamba is 900 mg for adults and adolescents. If taken in access, you may feel nauseated, abdominal pain, chest pain, cramps, vomits, etc. And, being copper deficit will cause various neurological disorder, anemia (as iron may not get absorbed in absence of copper), leukopenia, etc. Thus, not only copper, but the amount of intake is necessary as well. This is the sole reason, why Indian ancestors used Ayurveda copper jug to store water before drinking it in the morning. This was an apt method to keep copper intake in control, if you know how to use the copper jug.

Potential Positives of Copper consumption

Copper plays an important role in neurological development and growth. It is stored in every body part, and has a special role to play in the functioning of that body part. It improves the brain metabolism protecting the kids from menkes disease.

It plays an important role in maintenance of collagen and elastin, two components responsible for the structure of our bodies. Deficiency of this mineral causes inability of replacing the damaged collagen tissues affecting our bones which ultimately leads to diseases such as osteoporosis.

Cu helps in maintaining the adequate number of white blood cells and increases our immunity. If you don’t find a medium of including copper intake such as drinking water from Ayurveda copper lota, or food sources, then your immunity can be shackled by neutropenia, a deficiency of white blood cells.

These are some detailed explanations of copper, its adequate intake, and its importance. Now, what about its sources? What are the primary sources of copper? Let’s see how you can consume in other form than the storage of water. Here are some of the food sources of tamba:

● Beef liver, 3 oz: 12,400 mg

● Mushrooms, cooked, 1 cups: 790 mg

● Crab meat, cooked, 3 oz: 1,005 mg

● Almonds, 1 oz: 292 mg

● Oyster meat, 3 oz: 3,630 mg

● Lentils, boiled, 1 cup: 497 mg

● Cashew nuts, raw, 1 oz: 622 mg

● Chocolate, semi-sweet, 1 oz: 198 mg

Yes, there are very few foods that could assist you in providing the right amount of copper to your body. Which is why, the masters of Ayurveda recommended using copper lota and copper bottles to store water. Vasanthi Health offer such copper pitchers and glasses for everyday use made from authentic, Indian originated copper.

Ayurvedic Copper Lota

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