Why you should buy copper vessels for storing and drinking water?

We are well aware that drinking water directly from a tap or pond is unsafe and cause water-borne diseases. To make the water purified, we have RO purifiers and UV filters nowadays. In this advanced world of technologies, storing water in copper utensils will sound anachronistic. But have you ever thought why storing water in the copper vessels is good for health?

Lets us find the science behind benefits of copper vessel water


· Copper drinking glasses kills microorganisms

It was a practice during ancient days to store water in silver and copper pots and even mentioned in Ayurvedic books. The storage in copper pots kills microorganisms which includes bacteria and viruses. By this, the water becomes good for drinking purposes. This ancient view is supported from the latest research which says that when water that contains 500 CFU/ml (colony forming units) of bacteria and slightly alkaline pH is stored in copper water filter for 15 hours, all microbes will get killed. It has the capacity to kill bacteria that causes diarrhea like Escherichia coli, Vibrio cholerae etc.

· How copper vessels used for drinking water works wonder?

We have already discussed that, when water is stored in copper vessels for 15 hours, all the microorganisms will be killed. This is because only a small portion gets dissolved in water which is known as oligodynamic effect that kills various algae, fungi and quite harmful microbes since it has high levels of toxicity. The WHO has set a safe drinking water level in copper vessels, i.e., 190 µg/l. if the water is stored more than 15 hours in a copper pot, due to the change in alkalinity from 7.83 to 7.93, the taste of water may change but its physicochemical parameters will never change.

· Health benefits of water stored in copper vessel

The water stored in copper vessels has many health benefits like stimulating the brain, bone strength, body fats regulation and thyroid gland functioning, proper digestion, reduces joint pain, hemoglobin synthesis, enhanced fertility and conception, reduces white patches on skin, heal wounds inside stomach, anti-carcinogenic etc.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a copper pot, try drinking water in a copper glass. Gradually you will come to know the benefits if using copper. Next time when you avoid buying copper vessels or glasses, remember you are avoiding a healthy practice.