4 Steps To The Best Sleep Of Your Life

It’s no surprise that the majority of adults in America are sleep-deprived. For instance, the American Sleep Association reports that around 40% of those between ages 20 to 59 report a short sleep duration. Not to mention the 100,000 deaths that occur each year in hospitals due to medical errors from sleep deprivation. Getting enough sleep is a big deal, but many of us struggle to get it. Luckily, there are a few science-backed ways that can help you to fall asleep faster and get the better sleep that you’re seeking.

Reduce the temperature in your bedroom

A cooler bedroom can help to regulate the biological clock within your body. According to the American Sleep Foundation, the perfect temperature for a great night’s sleep is around 65 degrees F. In order for sleepiness to occur, our bodies need to drop in temperature. If a room is too hot, it can cause decreased sleep quality and leave you feeling groggy the next day. Of course, everyone’s body has different needs. Experiment with room temperatures to find your body’s favorite sleep atmosphere.

Turn off lights and electronics

Did you know that 95% of people use a computer, television, or cell phone several times a week before they fall asleep? While normal for us, this seriously distorts the signals that we send to our bodies about being tired. Circadian rhythms, the physiological processes of all things living, are a 24 hour cycle that helps us process external stimuli such as temperature and light. When you watch a movie or play a video game before bed, your circadian rhythm is very sensitive to this light which causes a delay in the release of melatonin (the natural hormone released by the pineal gland that helps us feel sleepy). Turning off electronics and reading a book can be more conducive to a good night’s sleep.

Eat a light snack before bed

Avoiding food before bed may not always be the best choice. If you’re stomach is rumbling before you fall asleep, then you’re going to have a harder time falling asleep and staying asleep. A light snack before bed has its benefits but it also depends on what you eat for that snack. Studies show that a small snack of carbohydrates can help make the amino acid tryptophan (the chemical that is also involved in our feelings of sleepiness) more easily acquired by the brain. Some other ideal snacks that help boost tryptophan are nuts, eggs, chicken, and fish.

Take a supplement that assists with sleep

Vasayo’s MicroLife Sleep is one supplement that delivers a compilation of sleep inducing ingredients that are natural for your body. With ingredients such as melatonin, GABA, and N-Acetyl Cysteine, you’re bound to wake up feeling refreshed and more alert in the morning. The ingredients in MicroLife Sleep are delivered with liposomal-encapsulation technology to help ensure that your body absorbs the nutrients.

Don’t settle for a less than satisfying sleep by ignoring what your body needs. Finding the balance between your body’s natural sleep mechanisms and how you can more easily assist in triggering those mechanisms is what it takes to help maintain your optimal health.

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