Forming a change of World’s First Citizens Supporting Social Justice and Social Accountability

The mechanism of social injustice occurs as a result of evolution and differentiation of society, the division of labor and inequality in private ownership. Injustice has resulted in a mechanism for achieving justice and there are two social classes namely the social class model and the inclusion of citizenship model.Now it is necessary to further focus on issues of social justice that are relevant empirically and ideologically. Furthermore, efforts need to support upward vertical mobility which is an important social justice feature of protection in the form of quotas in educational institutions. Third, the importance of the role of social change agents in implementing social justice policies.After that, the importance of ideology of social justice. Furthermore, social justice relating to the redistribution of access and assets so often gets opposition. The perspective of Transformative Sociology focusing on vertical mobility and stratification openness has the potential to improve social justice.

There is always a power imbalance between citizen action and state action. This can be real 
That alone as bureaucratic inertia (nothing happens), or, in the scenario, the worst impact and 
Retaliation against those who dare speak the truth to power.
With the presence of ACT bringing about changes in the socio-economic disparities between peoples of the world that combine the power of citizens by combining simple voice payments (eg one million 
People pay $ 1) in unchanged block chains, supported by software that only spends money 
To cause that citizens themselves vote. 
Think of a community planning an open coal mine plan, where there is that certainty 
The contamination will kill In Wales, for example, they have fought in court and with help 
National activists organize significant resistance, but find resources to defend it 
Activity is a real challenge. 
If ACT is, say, in England, there are a million members who choose climate change as a topic 
Concerns, then the power imbalance between citizens and state action can change drastically.The ACT platform will allow local people who care to raise money and scale 
Protests in a matter of days 
This is why ACT is needed.It creates a sea change in how citizens’ actions begin and 
Executed, empowering citizens to better hold their government accountable and make it 
Responsive to their needs 
But ACT — a “decentralized autonomous organization” with an automated organization 
Governance and decision-making — should be seen as a truly global development project 
Housewives in Arizona support a woman in Chile who was arrested for campaigning against 
A company that pollutes.A man in Australia chose to help a campaigner in Asia who was revealing 
Illegal loggers in the pristine rainforest 
ACT is power in number and across borders.Then successfully make changes happen 
Through a new paradigm of global unity and coordination on a large scale.This is only 
Possible through the response provided by decentralization, intelligent efficiency 
Contracts, and trust given by the autonomous government

ACT is a decentralized autonomous organization that handles all social responsibility by combining micro payments from the world community from different countries to fund grassroots proposals that encourage a guarantee of security and change.

By bringing about the social good and equality of ACT to form a social organization and will raise funds from an unlimited number of world peoples by providing social change by taking DECISIONS ON THE BLOCKCHAIN ​​THAT CAN NOT BE CHANGED.




ACT will start an ICO to fund the project,

the following is information on ICO.


ACT donation campaign — pre-ICO details

ACT donation campaigns have three stages:

  • Pre-ICO: 17:00 CEST (08:00 PDT) July 18, 2017–1 August 2017
  • Pre-release access: Close pre-ICO — November 18, 2017
  • ICO: November 18, 2017 — January 18, 2018.

If you want to join PRA-ICO ACT please visit:

Pre-ICO bonus:

Platinum — 10x for the first $ 250kEmas — 5x for the next $ 250kDakak — 2.5x after $ 500k Example: Donator “Sean” donated $ 100,000 on the first day of pre-ICO (phase 1). Instead of the ACT ACT allocation in ICO therefore 10x of its contribution is worth $ 1,000,000 ACT.Please note: Platinum and Gold Bonuses are reduced by half (5x and 2.5x respectively) after the pre-ICO halfway point (July 25th at 17:00 CEST). ICO stamp — Decided after WINGS.Initiative discovery fee event individual donation — $ 150,000. ACT token price = Total amount of funds / 80 billion tokens

Full information about ico:




Link profile:;u=989795

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