BitJob — a New Student Employment Program, powered by Ethereum Blockchain

Reshaping Students’ Freedom to Earn a Living

Every story is in itself an expedition, in which you encounter new things, you understand more about yourself or the world. This can be said regarding almost any aspects of our life and any kind of story. Blockchain technology, for example, is a new ocean to discover. So, let’s take a quick look at the story of bitJob.

Most of us know how students all across the globe struggle to find professional jobs in their field. And unfortunately, the gap is getting bigger and bigger, with every day that goes by. BitJob has one goal — to change an entire world of pain. In order to reach this point, a team of specialists has created the first project that manages to connect both students and employers. BitJob wants to reshape the global students freedom to earn a living and share this motto Students of the world unifying to Vote, Work and Connect. No matter where on the globe, students are the future. That is why BitJob is more than a startup — it is a movement.

How does BitJob operate

First of all, it is important to understand that BitJob is a decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace for online short term jobs for students, freelancers and employers. It is designed to provide incomes to the students or just on a side, as a part time job. The ideea came from university students that once graduated, struggled to find an appropriate job in their proffesion. BitJob is now uniting students and employers, through blockchain technology for short time jobs to work while studying. BitJob has a strong development team and a strong advisory board; they understand that students have problems with income while they are at school, but they also need experience for when they graduate to prepare them for their careers ahead.

The BitJob solution allows students to convert their work time into income through blockchain technology while increasing their online work portfolios. The system is designed to attract students to the blockchain ecosystem. In the semidecentralized marketplace, workers can either be paid with BitJobs STU (student) tokens, other crypto currencies or PayPal. Thus, the STU tokens that operate on the platform will be available in the BitJob ICO which opens on September 12 — and will also be online during the presale on August 2nd.

BitJob has partnered with many governmental bodies and educational faculties like: the Government of Netherlands, the Blockchain Education Network or the Blockchain Association of Canada.

In conclusion, university students are a perfect real world example of people who can utilize decentralized platforms and find some level of understanding on blockchain ecosystems. BitJob is doing its part to educate platform users on a blockchain system as they go alonged.

Find their ICO terms and check their site at

Download the BitJob whitepaper here find out more about the project, the roadmap, the team and the investment. Join the community and try BitJob now! Prepare for the crowdsale!

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