Rivetz Platform Cyber ​​security with blockchain technology


Rivetz Excellence.
Rivetz is a blockhain technology that aims to secure Storage on your phone to be safe all the way from the manufacturer to your pocket. Rivetz can perform a health check, verify that your safe integrity is intact, and that the transactions you send are exactly the way you want them.

Rivetz works Independently.
A personal hardware on your phone that is completely independent from the operating system. This is where Rivetz works to secure your secrets, passwords, keys and personal information.

Only Rivetz gives the assurance!
Rivetz uses hardware security embedded in mobile devices to completely secure device and customer transactions from being exposed.

The Future of Decentralized device integrity.
Rivetz ground breaking design runs in a never-before. Rivetz checks the status of the device before performing its task. If the conditions match, then the task can proceed. If it does not match, the task will not be allowed. This is an important moment for decentralized cyber security by allowing devices to act on behalf of their owners to make purchases or sign contracts or any number of things.

Rivetz has invested more than 3 years in executing new and mature strategies to create markets, and take advantage of substantial opportunities. Rivetz has designed a solution that will open up new models and Services and provide value for users for years to come.
Rivetz builds platforms, tools, and services to enable deployment and decentralization. Control of cybersecurity and microtransaction model for measurement of its use as core infrastructure in the future.
The Rivetz platform enables protection for passwords, messaging and Provides a solid starter platform to provide cyber security control of the health and Identity of devices that create messages or secure instructions. The Rivetz can provide solutions for cyber Security based on calculations that can prove that the measurements made does not change over time.
The founder of Rivetz has played an important role in the creation, development, and adoption of Trusted Computing. Blockchain innovation, when combined with Trusted Computing innovation, will Allow transformation into a new paradigm that provides a safe, secured and personal experience for digital.
Rivetz has built a technical foundation and has a contract with the American government. Rivetz Leadership Ecosystem has been a part of government in this industry for the last 20 years.
Over the past year Rivetz has shown that the technology is widely applicable. Rivetz By the end of 2016 have experimented actively, using their cyber security prototype to integrate it into their project. The system is compatible with over 2.5 billion devices in circulation anywhere.

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