The Evil Banality of “PharmaBitch”
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

First, just so you don’t take this comment the wrong way, know this: I agree that epipen price gouging is a terrible thing and one for which the company and executive management should be judged.

However, the only way that what you are proposing will work, without breaking the bank, is to implement price controls on medications and healthcare services.

This of course has the resultant impact of reducing the desire of corporations to invest in new, cutting edge treatments, and reduces the desire of doctors to take on the burden of loans to afford massively expensive educational programs.

This causes the long term availability of those services and products to suffer as the suppliers dwindle.

Of course, one could then do two things: mandate that companies contribute to produce drugs at a certain amount or execs would face jail time, and mandate that a certain number of people at the top of each high school graduating class go into medicine with no (or drastically reduced) educational costs.

Both price, quality, and production controls, enforced with criminal sanctions are necessary to ensure both low prices, high quality, and high availability.

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