The Rise of the Camper

Autonomous driving is widely discussed as a fundamental, life changing technology. In podcasts such as a16z´s Cars and Cities, the Autonomy Edition, with such enlightening minds as Frank Chen and Taggart Matthiesen scenarios are being described how parking space is going to be freed up and car ownership is going to go down since for most of us, driving is a burden, a really dull activity requiring too much attention and therefore, a real waste of time. Plus, cars are not going to be a status symbol anymore, especially not for the younger generations. Yes, customization will help car manufacturers to a certain degree, but it´s likely they´ll become more like Boeing or Airbus, producing and marketing whole generations of fleets instead of mainly selling to end consumers.

While I believe this to be true to some degree, I entertain a different view and wonder why I´ve heard nobody talk about what I believe is going to be a massive, yet overlooked development: The Rise of the Camper. Something you never ever wanted to own, because it´s too cumbersome to drive, yet alone park, and that looks chubby suddenly is going to become very appealing once all of these show-stoppers are suddenly gone.

How cool is it going to be if you can go to sleep and wake up at the beach a few hundred miles away the next morning? You´ll be so mobile in your custom home that this development is going to challenge the housing and national air travel market. SFO — LAS? I´ll just do that in my sleep.

The average, small apartment will discover it´ll have to compete with a whole new generation of “Campers”: much bigger than they are now. Highly functional, comfortable and sexy. Smart. Good value for money, too. State of the art and highly customizeable for anyone from gamers to workaholics and doctors. So awesome and individual that you´ll want to own it.

And will they look cool? Hell yeah. And they´ll be much bigger.

Can you imagine yourself in a harbour, pointing out your yacht?

Yes? Good.

What this guy below has accidentally published as an April Fools Joke is in my view the future of private car ownership. Size, customization and design still have a long way to go, but it´ll happen. It´ll be big!

Update 28.05.2017:

here´s an innovator who did it!