In other words, Csikszentmihalyi discovered peak performers, weren’t performing or doing anything at all. Everything they did was effortless.
Why Elon Is Wrong About The 80-Hour Workweek
Rami Aidy

Enjoying your article, but I must point something out here: peak performers might reach a state of flow—which does feel almost effortless—when performing at a high level, but that is not the way to reach high-level performance.

What distinguishes peak performers from others is how many hours of gruelling deliberate practice (e.g., source) they engaged in. Deliberate practice is not fun, and it is not easy; it involves choosing to repetitively train a very specific sub-sub-sub-skill you are weak at—say, four difficult bars of a violin concerto, your breath on the breaststroke, or how you write dialogue—over and over with the intent of elevating your skill in that particular challenge… and then doing it again for the next hard part. Once you’ve put in the work and your skill almost matches the challenge, you can enjoy flow; not before.

Other than that, really nice article :)

Rock on!