The power of “Branding”.

From the start, as a Designer, I transform brands into graphic messages. I communicate the brands with iconography, symbols and designed lettering as well as other conjugation of graphic and messaging elements summing up a very complex story of products, services or ideas that people bring to the world. Today, at this moment, by writing this article, I´m doing the opposite. I´m transforming all these graphic brands, packed up in a small icon or logo, into words.

This takes me to the etymological meaning of the world “Brand”. We can go even far and think why do we call it “branding” with such an business intent, when actually I think this is more profound. Since the beginning of mankind that all humans have it´s own “brand”. We all have names, we have something that distinguish each other. Our character, personality with or without “masks”, every sounds or words, be it your name or just something that features you as a person or a human being. Our intentions are revealed by our voice, gesture, marks, colours, drawings — letters — characters , a conjunction of small drawings that makes a word a message.

Since the very early age of mankind there are rock paintings with a palm of a hand. A palm of a hand is definitely one of the more complete symbol of mankind, it sums up everything we are, thanks to our hands. The thumb is one of the reasons why we evolved so much, it is present on that symbol, the man´s Hand.

By this, I believe “Branding” is more than business, it is present everywhere, I believe that Branding is not a recent term, the word,“Brand”, is. The concept don´t.