Varicose Veins — What Is The Right Time To Get It Treated?

A varicose vein is a problem that can be genetic. Hence, it can start since your childhood or can also develop after you have grown up. But the question arising is that when is the actual time to start its treatment.

When Should You Meet A Doctor?

Some of the common symptoms of a varicose vein are swelling, itching and pain. Sometimes, some people may take it as some normal ailment that can get cured in a day or two. But if the symptoms stay even after a few days, it is important to visit a proper Phlebologist who can guide you to a proper varicose veins treatment. Delaying in the diagnosis and treatment of the case can cause further complications and problems to the patient.

Connections Of Varicose Vein With Pregnancy

It is noticed that maximum of the times varicose veins may start showing up during pregnancy. It is during the child bearing tenure, when many of the women may start experiencing the extreme levels of varicose vein. Hence, it is important to have a check with the best vascular surgeon in between the pregnancy months in order to keep track of the veins and provided treatment on time.

Treatment Options Of Varicose Veins

There was a time when the only options of treating the varicose veins were through varicose surgery. This was an extremely painful treatment and the patient used to take much time in getting recovered. But now thanks to the technology and science those non-surgical methods are also available in treating the case. These methods are less painful in comparison to surgery and also take lesser time for the patient to get recovered.

Among various non-surgical methods utilized by the experts, one of the most important ones is Sclerotherapy. It is a type of laser therapy where vein glue is used in closing the broken ends of the veins and treating them. The best thing about all of these options is that these are permanent solutions of the varicose veins and helps in keeping you away from further complications.

Today, a number of treatment options are available for varicose veins in India. You just need to go best Varicose Veins Treatment India Centre and treat your Vascular Veins Problem Permanently.