Hello Developers! Hope this article finds you well these Corona Virus days we are getting through. Here in Greece, we are in quarantine for 10 days(~1 week) and we are keep going!

Laravel Cron jobs, DB, Api

Today I decided to talk you about cron jobs, simple data retrieving with api call and databases/migration/new table and data storage. All of these with my beloved Laravel Framework.

How to Create a Cron Job?

First of all we will create a new command for our cron job, go to your project and run the command below:

php artisan make:command CakeCron — command=cake:cron

Now go to the command’s file → app/Console/Commands/CakeCron.php

Hello there! Today we will see a simple way to create a fully custom cursor with Javascript, Scss and Html. Of course, there are a lot of ways to do that but I’ll show you my approach. Are you ready?

Photo by Christopher Gower on Unsplash

Someone said, If you come away from somewhere empty-handed, you have failed to get what you wanted. So, for your ‘happiness’ you can get access to my code from Codepen below, just click “Run Pen” and you will see the results.

Step 1) Create an element for your custom cursor appearance. For example: <div class="custom-cursor"></div>

Step 2) Create some…

It was a difficult working day for me when I realized that I wasn’t able to do a very simple thing -in the right way- after a tone of front-end development. So, after hours of strangling with this little problem, it has started to become huge in my mind. But after all, I made it and I decided to tell you how to do it simple and right, just in case you deal with the same issue.

Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash

I’ll start by telling you that you can NOT put an <a href=”#”> tag, inside to another <a href=”#”> tag in your HTML…

Hello there! Here are some simple and beautiful ideas for button hover effects.

Photo by Safar Safarov on Unsplash

— 1) FROM the simple background color TO gradient background with shadow on hover:

The most important principle/rule for my ‘coding routine’ is quality!

“Keep it clean! Keep it simple! Keep it updated!”

These are the words I keep telling myself every single day! The second rule is speed, speed of coding, ‘reusability’!

So! For quality and coding speed what do we need? The answer is mixins! Ok now let’s go a little deeper.

Just an image!

Here are some definitions (and more):

— First of all, what is mixin?
Some things in CSS are a bit tedious to write, especially with CSS3 and the many vendor prefixes that exist. A mixin lets you make groups of…


Hello there! My name is Ioanna Vasdeki aka Jokova! I’m a passionate front-end developer </>. In my free time, I love cooking, getting outside & walking around!!

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