‘Classic’ Exaggeration
Christopher Pierznik

I think the Kendrick record is shit to be honest. Not vibing it at all. Beats are whack and his voice sucks. J Cole on the other hand with his latest record actually forced me to pay attention and fall in love with his lyricism, even though I was adamant that I was going to hate on it. For me the last decade hasn’t birthed many true classics at all… last time I thought an album was a true game changer was when The Game dropped The Documentary… a long time ago now, and I would argue that he hasn’t had a ‘classic’ album since. True Classics stand the test of time, like you mentioned ‘Illmatic’ ’36 Chambers’ as well as ‘Ready To Die’, ‘The Infamous’ etc. Kids these days are quick to throw around words to get on the hype train… with Kendrick, it’s far too early to tell if this record will actually make the impact everyone claims it’s making.

Thanks for the article. Good read!

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