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In this blog, I will be discussing about implementation of CI/CD pipeline for microservices which are running as containers and being managed by kubernetes and helm charts

Note: Basic understanding of docker, kubernetes, helm and Jenkins is required. I will discuss about the approach but will not go deep into its implementation. Please refer original documentation for deeper understanding about these technologies.

Before we start designing the pipeline for kubernetes and helm based architecture, few things we need to consider are

  1. Helm chart code placement
  2. Versioning strategy
  3. Number of environments
  4. Branching model

Helm Chart Code Placement

Helm chart code can be placed along with code or in a separate repo but we ended up in keeping it along with source code. Points which made us inclined to this decision…

In this article, I will be discussing on how to scale Jenkins with Kubernetes, what are the different components required and how to fit those components together to have complete scalable solution.

Note: I will be taking an example of AWS and will be using its terminology but concepts can be easily applied to other cloud vendors too. Basic understanding of kubernetes, would be required like what is pod, deployment, service, ingress, and its basic commands. This article will give you fair idea but won’t go into very deep in steps. I recommend to read official documentation for deeper understanding.

Jenkins has been popular choice for CI/CD and it has become great tool in automating the deployments across different environments. …

Microservices based architecture has been the choice lately, people are converting their monolithic app to microservices which has the pros and cons but when problem is huge and complex, microservices is often the way to go. Before we decide for microservices which is certainly more complex in implementation, we need to start planning for activities like CI/CD, log analysis, health of components etc. Along with these other important metrics which we need to monitor is how the services are performing on various tasks assigned. I will define the problem statement below to have context for this discussion

Redis as Monitoring…


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Microservices | Distributed System | Scalability | Containers

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