During the workshop our task was to observe the recommendation of a start up company. My team chose to observe a new social platform called Gigalize ,that allows users to create campaigns and bring their favorite artists in town. During our search we find out that the age of the target group is 18–25 years old. We made a research in order to find out how ofen the users visit the Gigalize site, so in a base of 10 people (5 men,5 women)our results was that 4 men visit the platform in a daily base,2 men uses the platform every month. On the other hand we have 4 women who visit the platform every week and only 1 woman visit the site only when the uploads is about her favorite artist. Also we ask users how usefull the think Gigalize is. The 40% thinks that Gigalize is an informative platform for music news, the 30% believes that is a usefull platform, the 20% finds it an interesting idea and they want it to support it and only the 10% thinks that the platform is not usefull. In conclusion we realize that the majority of the users is satisfied with Gigalize and that’s a positive sign for Gigalize future.

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