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You would have thought that you need to be a big company to focus on PR and analyst relations. Think again! Plenty of noteworthy software startups got to where they are now by engaging with selective groups of media and industry analysts.

Do some basic research to find out who’s writing about the type of software and services you are providing and establish introductions. These introductions do not have to be for your CEO, CTO or CIO. …

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Digital marketing is a vast field for any software company. It’s about marketing your products and services to your audience via any digital medium, be that digital advertising, online videos, social media, mobiles…the list goes on, including search engine marketing, email nurturing, and others.

Search engine marketing

In my experience, search engine optimisation (SEO) is uniquely important but it takes time to achieve tangible results. Software companies need to see SEO as an investment, similar to paying your rent for the building you’re occupying. Yes, it’s that critical. If you do not optimise your website, your customers won’t find you…

And the third instalment is here! One of my favourite topics too.

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Content marketing is all about creating, publishing and distributing various forms of content to your target audience online (well mostly online but can always print versions for events, conferences and direct marketing). From white papers to blog posts, customer stories to product videos, content comes in any format you can imagine.

A sound content marketing strategy should be about quality versus quantity of items. You don’t to have become an industrialised production line and write a white paper per month, blog post once a week, stuff on social…

Blog post 2 of 7 here. It’s all about the brand, all about the tone of voice, all about WHAT YOU STAND FOR! Here it comes.

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This one can be a big chapter in your marketing strategy. We all know what it means when you have a great brand for your software products and services. Consider the brand behemoths in the industry like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and so on — and the rebranding journeys they’ve been through and you can understand the enormity of the situation.

But you don’t need to have the budget and size of the above big…

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So here we go! Blog post 1 of 7.

Every marketing plan should not start unless you know your customers and their journey towards buying your products and services. Some of this knowledge will come from existing employees but it’s always worth talking to a few customers to find out which route they took towards finding out about you, and ended up working with you.

There are all kinds of stereotypes and clichés about customers. The customer is king, the customer is always right, the customer is at the heart of our business, and so on. Bottom line, if you…

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Marketing your software products and services does not have to be boring. And by nature when you have to market something that is technical you can easily fall into the trap of outlining features, functionality and basically everything else that is not relevant (at first) to your audience. To give yourself a good chance at marketing your software and services in a decent way, stop talking about features and functionality. There are sales and presales folks (or sales engineers for my North American buddies) who do that. When marketing your products and services put yourself in the shoes of your…

I close my eyes and I remember it as it was yesterday. I was having lunch with my work colleague, Paul, who told me

“At the end of the day, software must work. As simple as that. You come into the office on Friday morning with a massive hangover and you want the bloody thing to work!”

Marketing and selling software is a complex business but as rightly said by Paul, if the software doesn’t work as promised you compromise your customer’s experience, retention and growth potential and your company’s reputation is at stake.

Fingers crossed, some exciting news are…

Sometimes in life things do not go as planned. Sometimes you have to make a bad decision to get clarity and move on in the right direction. Both on a personal and professional basis. Over the last decade, I had lady luck on my side with every single big decision I had to make. Be that on deciding to study for an MBA, changing career direction, having kids…you name it, I had all the luck in the world and I am truly grateful for everything that has happened.

But a couple of weeks ago I found myself looking for a…

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