There are thousands of cultures and even more subcultures due to globalisation. All individuals learn about their nations’ symbols, heroes, religions, traditions and how they should/shouldn’t behave. All these are embedded in our minds while growing up. That’s why Geer Hofstede defines culture as ‘Software of the Mind’ and he…

Everything starts from here. Discipline has the power you make people successful, fit or anything else they desire. It separates the champions from the lazy people because hard work always wins talent.

Discipline starts where motivation ends and therefore only those who truly want the results get to experience them.

Steven Pressfield’s Quote

Meditation is like the brother of fitness. Without meditating and just working out, you are not a complete whole. Fitness trains the body to stay healthy, whereas the meditation does the same for the mind and the spirit. Therefore when you combine them together, you will be in excellent condition…

Teacher With Kids

Everybody has something to offer within this world and make his/her own impact. Our generation has technology at its fingertips which makes it really easy to reach people from around the world. The best part is that it’s a matter of minutes for you to broadcast your content. Did you…

Happy New Year

Another year went by and it’s like something new starts. We will have a New Year with new experiences, new opportunities and new people to meet. There will also be ups and downs like every year. That’s life. …

Vasilis Stefanou

Improving life using philosophy and cultural ideas🧠️

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