ML based generated video by 4 artificial agents.

The original idea comes up to me when I was bored from live shows. I do love music, but actually, I feel boring to play visuals now, even live. I feel a lack of sense in this process rather than entertain people. So, I quit for a while with visual live shows. And I always more interesting in a pure algorithmic output rather than me staying there and controlling knobs and parameters. You will often see me in the crowd during my live set just enjoying the flow of the machine.

So it`s not a surprise that AI-generated visuals get…

This gonna be a simple description of the process of training StyleGan2 model on the tattoo images. No much into science behind, not much into description. Main steps and reason.


I love tattoos. I like to use my body as a canvas for artists I meet in my life. I usually have just one request — I don't want to see image before they made it. If I choose artist — I trust his work and style and I want to give him a full freedom to do whatever he want without any supervision from my side. This way I…

Everyone wonders about the death. How will I die? When will I die? Human life becomes a torture when you know that your days are numbered. When you known that the date of death is getting closer and closer. Some studies suggest that it is very useful to think about death and represent it. Some religious doctrines and traditions offer us to represent our death every night before going to bed, to be reborn again in the morning. The “Hagakure: Book of the Samurai” offers us to die in advance, so your life will be filled with meaning and actions

“I’m not running away, I’m moving on.”
― Irvine Welsh

The birth of the idea. The importance of the process.

The beginning is always tightened. As an artist, you often don`t know what you’re doing and why. What will eventually come out of it. The right way is only one — to move on. Trying. Experiment. Hold on to your choice.

This video is at once an example and the result of such movement. It all starts with nothing. Night walks and sense of freedom. Curiosity. Interest. You’re just going to see something new. Anything that could satisfy your hungry brain. …

Vasily Betin

Transmedia artist and creative thinker. New Media director at Sokaris Interactive.

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