Server Overview .Specially for Ethereal Art

Hi, if you don’t really understand what and where to be on the server, then this article is for you. It was written by OnedAY| ETHEREAL#0174

There are 3 main rules:
1) Always ask the moderators and the chat if something bothers you
2) Carefully read about what they write on the server and there will be much less questions
3) If you still have questions, try to find answers from people on YouTube and other social networks


Total Members — how many members are currently connected to this server(With the growth of participants, this figure will change).

Asia Ladowska — the number of followers on the instagram of the artist of this project(With the growth of participants, this figure will change).

Whitelisted — number of server members who have received a whitelist / how many whitelisted places are available in total(when it will be 4500/4500, then you will no longer be able to get a whitelist or, as they usually say, WL)
Whitelist(WL) — A list of whitelisted people (in this case, the purple role on the server) who will be able to buy NFTs at the presale at a lower price and earlier than anyone else

Mint Data — The date on which you can buy NFT from the creators themselves on their website

Mint Price — Price in ETHEREUM(ETH), at which you can buy NFT from the creators themselves on their website, BUT DON’T FORGET ABOUT GAS

Ethereum(ETH) — the main cryptocurrency in the Ethereum network (same as the dollar in the US) for which payment for NFT will take place

Gas — commission on the Ethereum network which is charged from you when mint(buy) NFT


Rules — rules on this server that you MUST follow and if someone breaks them, tell the server team about it

Verify — confirmation that you are a real person by clicking on the emoji that you are asked in the text.
If the server didn’t let you through right away, then wait a while or try removing the emoji and putting it back in and wait.IF IT DOES NOT WORK, EXIT THE SERVER AND LOG IN AGAIN

Welcome — a list of all participants that are added to the server in real time

Server-guide — a quick and useful overview of the different sections on the server, but if you’re here, then you need more information :)

Nft-guide — several useful terms in the cryptosphere, which are described in detail.Also, if you do not understand something, ask in the chat


50k-giveaway — ongoing draws on the server in real time

Announcements — new announcements that the project itself publishes, BEWARE OF THE MESSAGES THAT OTHER PEOPLE TELL YOU, ONLY HERE IS THE TRUTH

Minor-announcements — same as announcements , but smaller and not important

Project — a story about this project and what it is.You can also get information about this project from the moderators, watch cool videos on YouTube from influential people

Artist — a story about the artist of this project, I will say from myself, VERY COOL ARTIST

Poadmap — graphical overview of the plans and goals of the project for the future in the form of a timeline

Faq — answers to questions that you may also be interested in

Official-links — links to other social networks and important project sites.Always check links for scams, for this it is enough to follow links only from official sources

Sheak-peeks — super beautiful pictures of future NFTs from the project

Presale-info — information about the sale of NFTs before the public sale.If you do not understand how to do this, ask the moderators or read the information on the server

Collabs — a joint process of cooperation between several projects. We are waiting for cool collaborations here

Tweeter — all publications that go to the project’s twitter are published here

Scams — there are various scammers posted here that can mislead.I’ll say it again, follow only links from official sources and then check just in case

Role-descriptions — which gives you the levels you can bring up to the server.Just please do not spam and write constructive messages

Choose-your-gang — you can choose the band that you like the most and like

Information-station — the most important persistent information on the server


Fun-event — events that run from the project at some time interval

Fast-chat — the main chat of the project, in which everyone can communicate in English (since it is understandable to most).Chat has a delay in sending messages, so be aware of this
Slow-chat — the same, but the chat is slower.PLEASE READ THE RULES BEFORE YOU SUBSCRIBE.Chat has a delay in sending messages, so be aware of this

Introduce-yourself — here you can tell about yourself and who you are

Nft-help-me — if you need help with NFT, then write here.Please write here only a real problem, and not joke or write some nonsense

Suggestions — offers that you have for this server, write here

Bot-reporter-101 — if you see a bot, write here

Giveaways — giveaway announcements will be posted here.

Community-twitter — everything that interesting people post on twitter about the project is duplicated here.When posting something on twitter about a project, tag the project’s twitter nick

Free-follow-fren — you can subscribe to other people who like this project, also publish your twitter here (IF IT IS REAL AND DOESN’T LOOK LIKE A BOT)


Fan-art -here you can send or see other people’s art made by the project participants

Sticker-emoji — here you can send your created sticker or emoji


Here you can chat on one of the topics that interests you


Choose the language in which you can communicate freely and go communicate)


Bot-commands — if you need to know your level, the number of invited friends (don’t invite bots!!!!!!!)

Levels — write here “!rank”and find out your level of communication in the chat

Invite-tracking — here you can write “ -invites “ command and you will know the number of your invitations

Can you tell me what is the difference between bot-commands and levels,invite-traching , there is none, except that you can write any available command in bot-commands

Memes — just don’t say that you don’t know that in this chat, of course, the funniest jokes)))

Shill — this chat is intended for relaxation, but other projects send ads there


Please also read the rules of communication.
Can chat with people using the microphone.There are also chats on various topics, find your one that suits you

All official social networks of the project:

Artist Instagram
Opensea soon…

If you are here, I wish you love and positive!



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