Why do we lack patience?

In the century of speed,patience seems to be a far-fetched concept.You might want to cultivate this virtue,so you search for answers.You find a book with the greatest techniques on how to master patience.You buy it on Amazon and pay extra fees to get it delivered faster.It’s ludicrous!

You get the book within 24–48 hours and start reading it,but you’re a very busy person,so you skip the introduction to save time.You’re reading mechanically in an attempt to finish the book as fast as possible.It all makes sense,right?

You want to master patience the fastest way and hack the system.

Why are we rushing things?

Next time you feel impatient,ask yourself:”Why do I want it right now?”.

Supossing you want a new car,ask yourself:”Why do I want a new car right now?”….”Because…I want to be cool…..my friends have nice cars etc”.Keep asking “Why” a few more times and you get to the core of the problem:”I want a new car right now because I’m afraid I’ll never have it”.

“Never” is such impactful a word nowadays.

Our lack of patience stems from fear,one of the most intense human feelings.It’s the fear of not accomplishing a certain goal,the fear of not being able to experiment the things we desire because life is too short.

If “we’re not promised tomorrow”,why not do it today as we don’t know how much time we have left?Dying without reaching our goals is regarded as a failure. Ok,that might be true,but who cares?Although nobody knows what happens after death,something tells me that once it happens,things become irrelevant.It doesn’t matter how (un)successful you were before kicking the bucket.It’s just binary:

Life is 1; Death is 0;

You get 1 and then it all changes to 0.

We fear not fulfilling our desires,which is a sign of pessimism.However,people are prone to nurture their minds with optimistic thoughts about living another day.The chances of living/not living tomorrow are 50/50,but we rarely see things from that perspective.Consequently,we make plans for the whole week,month,even year because we believe our time on Earth won’t come to an end,we’re so optimistic(Love it ❤).And so,the question is:Why do we lose patience if we plan on being around for some more time?In the end,the only thing which matters is whether you did something,not when you did it.

Desire makes life worth living,it gives hope,a sense of purpose.If all our wishes came true in an instant,what would the purpose of life be?Why would we do anything uncomfortable when everything is ours for the taking?

I like the thought that we pursue our goals for some time and that becomes a temporary life purpose.Just before accomplishing a goal,another one is already around the corner waiting to be pursued.It’s a cycle which gives life momentum and we just need to trust the process.

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