A case against “against culture”

My girlfriend was invited to a short stay at one of the Max Planck institutes in Germany.

Given that I am staying in Germany too I was more than happy to learn about the invitation. She is an extremely smart and hardworking student. We met at a particular week long research school and connected right after. She is in her second year of PhD and already has two publications!

When she informed her dad about the invitation he discouraged her with utmost extent. She was told she could travel anywhere once there is a mangalasutra around her neck. When she explained how awesome the opportunity is she was told that a girl travelling alone is “against the culture”.

Fuck culture! India will not become a developed country unless women have as much freedom as men. And why the fuck should a married woman wear mangalasutra? like a collar around a dog signifying its ownership.

Sometimes I feel ashamed that I was born in India.