Dense forest with rich in flora and fauna, less human explored. This place is Known to the people by the malayam movie “ordinary”. Two buses from pathanamtitta, one in the early morning 6:30 am and afternoon 1:30 pm. Buses goes via gavi to kumily. Buses reaches to gavi at 11am and the same bus returns at 3:30pm in the afternoon. Fare is 93 rupees.

Bamboo trees Welcome’s you throughout the way by giving shake hands through the bus Windows. Never prefer to travel in private vehicle. U will miss the fun with the forest. Driver and conductor are friendly. They will slow down the bus to show the animals. Wild buffaloes, elephants, nilagiri langur, birds. Almost four hours journey in the jungle. This place is best for nature lovers and bird watchers. If you are stuck in modern world, you can’t enjoy this place. Better don’t go. Climate is 20–26 c throughout the day. Forest department is maintaining packages to promote eco tourism. To book online Visit if you would like to spend money and to stay in nights in jungle. I prefer not to. Private vehicles need to take permission to pass through. Periyar tiger reserve starts 10km before reaching gavi and spread till kumily area.

Never go into the dams, stick to roads. Leaches sucks your blood. Carry food from home or bus stops at aanamuzhi before entering the gavi forest, have and carry food. 3–4 hours of jungle ride begins with no human life. You find only one grocery shop at gavi, there you get only bread, biscuits and banana. No hotels. No mobile network.

P.S: Visit even you wont enjoy the nature, the oxygen you breathe worth the day and money you spent to gavi.