A Bliss for the Princess but not only for the Royals…

Endri Bahja

I remember years ago, at the beach… A friend of mine was telling me that he, based on on a scientific method could guess the gender of my child. And my fiancé went crazy … she started pushing on me time to time to have a baby based on that day predictions… I did not believed him right away… but now…:

The Royal baby delivered on May 2nd happened to be a beautiful little princess. I had been following the Royal baby news for quite sometimes. Firstly because the gender was left unchecked tills the labour date and secondly as a consequence the British betting companies went crazy for the last 6 months in their odds about the gender.

People used a variety of methods to predict the Royal baby’s gender. They varied from the Chinese calendar to the shape of the belly. And lots of them were quite brave to even bet.

Only one week ago I learned that the friend of mine (Endri Bahja) had developed that gender prediction medical formula and with that he can plan and predict the gender of your child at any time with 100% medical accuracy rate. (twins excluded)

His company BLISS 1.0 still under trial & stealth had predicted the gender of the Royal baby since its announcement October 2014.

They put their prediction in LinkedIn being convinced that they were right. I happened to have a coffee with my friend this weekend and I kept asking why they risked to ruin their reputation by announcing something nobody was sure of. Then he showed and explained to me (finally after years of skepticism) the medics and math behind the correct result. He added that with the data provided it was 101% sure it would have been a girl. And if you believe in your product you should let the world know it.

Gender prediction it will be the new trend for the next decades. With 13 million new births per year in developed countries and 123 million in developing and less developing countries the market need for gender prediction looks quite enormous. I am so eager to see what will happen in the next few years. Let’s see what BLISS 1.0 will bring to the world.
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*Article originally posted on LinkedinPulse on May, 4 2015 and later on vaskeni.com

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