Social Media Marketing Ι Are we going the right way?

Social Media Marketing is the process that drives traffic to a landing page through social networks. The process implies the content creation hoping to be appealing enough to be shared and/or go viral.

Based on studies and on personal experience as social media manager for the largest bank in Albania, individuals are more propense to select or buy something if someone they already know and trust recommends it by sharing, liking or making a positive comment.

Today I was surfing Linkedin Pulse and liked an article which title sounded good for me. I had no time to read it and the title already gave me an idea of what was inside. The truth in fact was that the article was also previously liked by a person I follow and trust. So my theory was proven.

What I am thinking now is that what if the person previously used to like the article the same way I did, without reading it? What if my like will mislead another person following me?

Do you think this problem exist, do you think we are going to lose the significance of social referring?

Please comment below…

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