Why I want to attend Spark.me?

It’s been some weeks since I first read in digjitale.com about Spark.Me and the opportunity to win a fully paid stay and ticket in Budva. Since then I have read much more about on the event. To be honest, it was the first time I came across the Spark.Me conference. This is maybe because only now I am following the ‘right’ people or just maybe of my fresh full involvement in the sector?

Who is this Guy?

Everything started on January 1st, 2014 by leaving a 7-year career in economic analysis for social media. Being in charge of the largest bank digital presence in Albania had many positive points and I learned a lot. Linkedin that summer opened its publishing platform to everybody. It was pure magic for me, I started to write and tell what I knew about social media. People kept reading and sharing my posts. I co-founded YellowCab, a digital marketing agency (now closed) and with my co-founder brought our idea to a Startup Weekend challenge. This way I got introduced to the Albanian newborn startup community. It was the best moment to start giving back what I had learned during 9 years of working. I bought a domain and started my own blog; Together with a serial entrepreneur and a well-known member of IT Security field in Albania we co-founded Garazh, the first and only ICT and startup community in Albania. Since then, my role in the Albanian startup ecosystem has grown. I passed from participant to mentor in some important startup events. I was contacted from StartUs.cc, the largest Startup Network in Europe to write the Tirana Startup Guide and be their ambassador. Now I write for them, digjitale.com, Business Magazine and my own blog as well, the four platforms are the main news sources of Albanian Startup Ecosystem. The only independent blog in Albania focused on the ecosystem, in 2016 has grown and now includes also a guest author from Macedonia. The quality of the posts and always presenting facts are my main concern as the blog has my own name and it should serve to unite, build and facilitate the flow of information and dialogue in the ecosystems.

Lately, my involvement took another direction. I started working for Swisscontact SECO Entrepreneurship Program, a SECO founded and Swisscontact implemented program that aims to build and empower the Albanian Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. In this program my role as Ecosystem Facilitator is to facilitate the dialogue and linkages between the actors and the ecosystem in Albania and Macedonia. This role has brought me to expand my network even in Macedonia and Kosovo. In this way I not only work to promote in the ecosystem my best values but also through my expanded network I can better transmit them.

Why Spark.Me?

As my Albania, Kosovo and Macedonian ecosystem network grows, truth to be told, they are only a small part of what the whole region ecosystem includes. Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania and all East European countries are drivers of innovation in the region. We have to learn a lot from them.

Spark.Me unites all the ecosystems in one conference facilitating networking and knowledge that for entrepreneurship are crucial as oxygen.

Because I believe that there is so much out there and Spark.Me gives us the opportunity to go out, get richer in knowledge and vision, I want to attend this conference and write about that experience.

Yes, because I believe that by helping and showing success stories to prospect entrepreneurs they will start to change their mind and more and more startups will enter the entrepreneurship world, growing personally and the community.

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