An Open Letter to John Hanke & Niantic
Yang Liu

tl;dr (i did).

In one sentence: NIA, fix the bugs, and give back the tracking feature.

Don’t think Hank will change his mind. NIA as usual. Same things happens in Ingress. To use Intel map is a pain on PC, and is totally unusable on mobile.

IITC guys made a much more faster map, optional map layers, there are several cool plugins like mission in view, draw tools what do not give you advantage in the gameplay, and more. Why don’t they buy these guys, and make IITC the official Ingress map?

We asked, we’d like to see, is a portal a unique capture / hack, how many days own our portals and lot of other very useful feature to make the game more playable.

Instead of these we got fantastic animation, what is prevent us to hack closely portals from public transport of from car, they colored the other level resonators. Waow. Great features.

And the worst is that they never communicate with their players, just made some posts about the storyline weekly and thats it.

They commit the worst thing what a startup can: does not listen to their customers.

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