The best UX Form Designs

Most of the UX designers always looking for the best form designs. I am trying to compare a few forms and tell you the reason why i love it.

When i was trying to book an online ticket through jetairways it is kind of painful in terms of the process that took to book a flight ticket. I’m always wondering why do the they still keeping on the old form designs like you see it on world’s best airlines websites lufthansa, emirates, singapore airlines etc…

Here is a difference between lufthansa and emirates

lufthansa user interface for booking an online ticket
emirates user interface for booking an online ticket

After seeing both websites i don’t feel it is not made for real customers. All they wanted to show us the promotions and brand value.

Wait… I found something very interesting.

virgin america user interface for booking an online ticket

Look at and try to book a ticket. It’s really interesting isn’t it?

Here a catch, I am feeling very much comfortable while booking through virgin america. It take me through one page where it navigates at the bottom of the page. It doesn’t stop you while you go through the flow.

So let’s talk about the UX here. After we compare two websites lufthansa and emirates designs are very intuitive. But virgin america UX meant for all type of audience. The website interface more pushy to book the ticket.

Please leave your suggestions :)